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Hospital Project Consultancy

Hospital Project Consultancy

We are Hospital Project Consultant, have team of experts who has experience on more than 58 hospitals project in India and overseas. We have successfully completed projects of following healthcare facilities,

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Medical collages
  • Laboratories
  • Diagnostic centres
  • Dialysis centres

Actiss Healthcare offers solution to client to achieve projects goals. We evaluate project parameters, analyse project strength and areas needing improvement, project plan based on client needs. We assign tasks and responsibilities to get the results in time.

Our Healthcare Project Consultancy scope includes,

Hospital Project Feasibility Studies:

Hospital project feasibility study determines the viability of business initiative. We prepare feasibility report comprises description of required infrastructure and all related services, staffing, market analysis, legal requirement, healthcare policies, taxation obligations and financial data.

Hospital Project Report:

Hospital project report gives brief about the project to investors and banks. We provide hospital project report which contains introduction brief on stakeholder, project location, project rational, roll of organisation, medical facilities, specialties, its functional brief, staffing, project financials and implementation plans etc.

Hospital Project Budgeting:

Actiss Healthcare believes in taking every small factor into consideration during budget process in order to achieve more accurate & precise budgeting. We provides project budget which include infrastructure cost, equipment cost, statutory cost, staffing cost during project, initial project OPEX cost for start-up etc.

Hospital Medical Planning:

Actiss Healthcare understands rapid development of healthcare environment. Our medical planner accurately assesses the current and future needs of our client, provide inputs for patient and user friendly hospital design. We propose options and review the design for compliance with building, life safety, guidelines and other related regulatory requirements, ensuring the best possible facility for patient care.

Hospital Design Services:

Hospital Architectural Design:

Hospitals are the most complex type of building in design. Each hospital is comprises of wide range of services and functional units. Hospital design has been subject to many changes over last 100 years in both, layout and size. Good hospital design integrates functional requirement with human needs of its varied users.

An experienced Healthcare Architects are backbone of Actiss Healthcare who is specialist in construction knowledge to design hospitals that are functional, safe, sustainable and aesthetically pleasant. All collective inputs from our experienced team members makes hospital facility design state of art.

We provide,

  • Clinical & Functional Space Planning
  • Architectural Design
  • Structural Design
  • Furniture Loaded Plans
  • Interior Design and Details
  • Land Development

Hospital MEP Design:

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) Design services are crucial part of any hospital project. To provide power, water, fresh air and other important elements those keep the hospital running efficiently and safely. Hospital facilities incurs high operational and maintenance cost. It is therefore of paramount importance that scrupulous attention be given to be planning and integration of services within the overall hospital building.

We are working to engineer healthcare environment to promote healing and wellbeing. Our MEP Design services can make huge difference to meet expected value of hospital project. Our strong technical knowledge and robust coordinated design goes long way to assuage disputes during contract stage of the project.

We consider patient safety & comfort, environmental concerns, standards and regulations, flexibility & expandability. Our MEP design services aims at facility to be efficient in energy & infection control, should be less in maintenance.

Our MEP Design services includes prepare, review drawings, specification and cost estimate and ensure day to day duties are performed professionally and expeditiously to support ongoing progress of project.

We provide MEP design services comprises of,

  • Mechanical Equipment Design
  • Electrical Design - CCTV, Access Control, PA system, BMS etc.
  • Plumbing Design - Water Supply, Drainage, Sanitation, Rain Water Harvesting
  • Fighting and Protection System Design
  • HVAC Design
  • Medical Gases Pipeline System

Hospital Equipment Planning, Procurement & Commissioning:

Healthcare Technology is major and vital part of hospital project. Strategic planning, procurement and implementation of healthcare technology will result in savings on cost of the equipment and future expenditure on maintenance.

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Hospital Project Management Consultancy:

Project Management Consultancy (PMC) plays a multifaceted part in the construction phase of the hospital project and is usually involved in the project from project inception to its completion.

Actiss Healthcare certified Project Management Experts understand project importance and needs. Our Project Management Experts assign roles and responsibilities to project team to complete services that we provide, using tools and skills they have in delivering project within time and budget.

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Hospital Expansion & Renovation:

With up-front strategic planning, careful cost analysis, and involvement of key hospital managers and physicians in the decision-making process lead to the facility that fulfil your aim of expansion/renovation. We know how to approach your project to get the best value from renovation with the best solutions for your facility, staff and patients.

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