Healthcare Technology Planning, Procurement And Commissioning

The term healthcare technology refers to the various equipment and technologies found within health facilities,

  • Medical Equipment
  • Medical & Non-Medical Furniture
  • Medical Gas Pipeline System
  • Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) Equipment
  • Modular Operation Theatre
  • Pneumatic Tube System (PTS)
  • Healthcare Information Management Software & PACS
  • Nurse Call System
  • Hospital Kitchen & Laundry Equipment
  • Waste Management System
  • Office Equipment
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • HVAC

Healthcare Technology is major and vital part of hospital project. Usually equipment consists 60% of total project cost. Strategic planning, procurement and implementation of healthcare technology will result in savings on cost of the equipment and future expenditure on maintenance.

Actiss Healthcare is powered with well qualified & experienced consultant, advice healthcare organisations on Healthcare Technology Planning, Budgeting, Procurement and Commissioning.

Services we offered are,

Healthcare Technology Planning

Healthcare technology needs assessment:

Equipment brief is prepared based on the clinical requirements and technical expertise.

Room by room Equipment list:

Every small piece of equipment in the room is taken into consideration.

Planning documents:

Electrical, plumbing & HVAC etc. requirement for every equipment is documented.

Technical specification developement:

Based on the need assessment result prepare detailed technical for each equipment.

Healthcare Technology Budgeting

With detailed equipment list, its cost and related expenditure till equipment commissioning is taken into account. This make accurate equipment budgeting.

Healthcare Technology Procurement

Procurement schedule:

We prepare procurement schedule based on site readiness, equipment delivery time and supplies self-life. It eases cash flow management.

RFP and tender documents & proposals:

The Request for Proposal (RFP) is an important “project procurement deliverable”, used to solicit competitive bids prior to the purchase of equipment.

Technical and commercial evaluation:

We prepare technical evaluation which gives percentage of compliance match for the equipment specification and commercial evaluation gives cost, payment, delivery and warranty terms. It will support strengthen equipment selection criteria.

Negotiation and selection of equipment:

As a procurement expert we have in-depth knowledge of equipment least market pricing with long term benefits to client throughout equipment life cycle.

Order documents:

Preparing an order documents is highly specialised task and requires a great deal of care. We prepare order documents in such a way that all factors must enclosed in and buyer-seller can work together with better understanding throughout equipment life cycle.

Healthcare Technology Commissioning

Delivery coordination and management:

It is necessary to be prepared to receive shipment in order to avoid delays. It is also important to ensure safe delivery and storage. We coordinate these activities to improve performance and enable to control cost.

Installation management:

We coordinate installation based on equipment priorities. Our decades of technical experience enable us to ensure safe installation management with consideration of all key factors like site readiness, pre-installation requirements etc.

Acceptance testing:

We monitor complete installation process to ensure it is as per the manufacturer standards and regulatory compliance. Equipment must be passed technical and clinical acceptance testing before use on patient.

Equipment training:

Training is most important part of the commissioning process in order to achieve maximum utilisation of equipment. Training is continuous process and it improves staff skill on equipment. Knowledgeable users look after equipment better.

Handing over of equipment:

We coordinate hand over or equipment and supplies to clinical user department with proper documentation like asset inventory registration, manuals, I&C reports etc.


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